Social media marketing

Choosing, setting up, feeding and managing social media can take up a lot of your time. Each network has its own peculiarities, and it’s not just a case of sharing funny cat memes (keep those for your own Facebook account – unless you’re a pet shop or a cat groomer).

So why not let me do the hard work for you? Here’s what I’m suggesting…

Let’s stand back and check your brand is using the right social media

Fundamentally, it should be about which social media your customers use. That’s where you need to be. I’ll do a research for you, and come up with some recommendations on where you should be putting your efforts. This could mean starting new accounts, or simply concentrating on one, two or three of your current ones.

Creating content, posting, and engaging

Depending on how much you want me to do this could include me:

  • creating a content calendar with ideas for social media posts
  • creating content – images, captions,
  • posting onto your social media
  • responding to and engaging with your followers
  • analysing what’s working, and recommending improvements